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Hey there! I'm Hagen Wilbanks. I've lived in Missouri for about 12 years now after moving here from Texas with my family. And though you can take the girl outta Texas, can't take Texas outta the girl, I love calling the Ozarks home now. 

I grew up in a big family (second oldest of 8!), where we were taught to love, to grow, and to see our life as something precious, not something to be squandered for ourselves, but to live to the fullest and bless who we can along the way. We were taught that every breath is a gift from God, our Creator and not one moment should go to waste. My relationship with the Lord, my childhood, my parents and siblings, and the people and experiences all throughout my life have all shaped me to be who I am today.


I'm pretty much into anything and everything. I just want to do it all! I I don't want to miss one moment, one opportunity. Not just to live for myself, for the thrills, the feels, but to live with a vision, a goal, higher than myself. To live for Jesus and for others and reflect the love of Christ in all I do!

In seeing how precious life is, it has always been in me to want to capture it, cherish and treasure it.

My love for photography has always been there. My mom used to use a film camera and I can just barely remember how I used to watch her develop it. There's an iconic photo of me, just a few years old, pretending to snap a pic with her lens cap. Seems it was meant to be...

As you can imagine, from an early age I was always taking photos and it was rare to see me without a camera in my hands. I was a child who was fascinated by everything and extremely sentimental. I dare you to take a guess at how many SD cards I've filled up. I don't even know the answer. Seriously. We have flip phones and Vista computer towers full of random photos of random stuff... hehe. 

It was only natural for me to want to share my love for photography, for life, for people and their stories with others in a way that I could serve them. Starting up my own business was the plain and simple thing to do. And I have never regretted it for a second. It has opened up so many doors and opportunities I never would have imagined! I have met so many amazing people and gotten so much support along the way. It's not just a photographer and a client. It's real friendship and family and I love it. To hear your stories, to see your life playout, and be a part of it by capturing it is such a blessing and honor to me! 

And YOU have been a part of my life in so many amazing ways. The Lord has put it in my heart to want to serve Him and others through foreign missions. Over the years, my lovely client family has helped me make that calling a reality by funding several trips through their sessions with me. They have made it possible for me to serve in places like Vanuatu, Cuba, & Kenya. Who knows what's next?!

All in all, I want my photography and sessions with you to show that YOU MATTER. You are created in the image of God and He is writing your story. That story, your life, truly matters and should be celebrated and cherished.

I would be honored to be trusted with your next photo session and be a part of your amazing, crazy story called life!

I love listening to music (especially NEEDTOBREATHE & Relient K), driving down backroads with the windows down, and eating ice cream, coffee, & pretzels (sometimes all at once!). 


Before I settled on photography, I also considered becoming an archeologist, a biologist, a journalist, and/or a famous rockstar. Some of these are still up for debate...

Besides photography, I also enjoy several other forms of art like singing, playing guitar, painting and sketching, and organizing random things in the house. Hey, with 6 younger siblings, organizing is an art form, ok? 

Looking through old photos makes me cry.

Food is pretty great. 

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